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Starburst gives € 333 extra at Polder Casino

Starburst gives € 333 extra at Polder Casino

Starburst wild symbols Gambling Casino at Polder is believed anyway very nice in terms of casino games, but this week at all. Until June 11, 2016, you can directly earn a nice bonus at the casino by playing for real money on the Starburst slot game that is offered. This way you can get an extra bonus of € 333 Euros, which you of course have to play for real money. Want to know how to win this achievement and whatever else all applicable conditions? Read especially our news and make sure you also are aware of the welcome bonus when you have to report yourself for an account.

Take that

bonus of € 333 euros today!

If you want to go play for the bonus Polder Casino you have to be so signed up an account and gamble on the Starburst slot. If you’re going to do is meant to be minimal with a bet of € 0.10 cents per spin to play and knows how to achieve the right combination of Starburst Wild symbols. This means in this case that both roller 2 as 3 and 4 should be covered with Wilds, which will spread out over the entire roll. Not only do you play the highest chances of winning, but also the bonus can be requested through such a combination. In forming this combination, it is therefore important to make a screenshot of winnings and to pass them to the customer service as evidence. ‘They will verify the bonus and ultimately to go add your credit their capacity to play

 Starburst final bonus

General bonus terms

As you can read above, you will when you play the Starburst bonus a minimum amount of € 0.10 cents per have to turn round. If you’re going to play, and the proposed combination is able to form you should know that this bonus only once, you get paid by the customer. Moreover, you must unlock the money by betting the minimum 10x to request a payout. It is important that you know that the bonus money not specifically on play will be on Starburst, but that you also can go gamble with all other casino games that are present at Polder Casino. These are to benefit all gambling both NetEnt as Amatic!

Welcome Bonus Polder Casino

Players who have not previously played at Polder Casino and do this Starburst bonus may this naturally do by logging on himself as a player. This means that you will have to go through the registration process, and then you go to you own account and balance. If you need to deposit you get applicable created an account with no money as all 100 free spins to play on the Starburst slot. Immediately so all free opportunities for profit, but that’s not the only one with. namely your decision to make a deposit into your account? Then you will again receive 100 free spins on Starburst. Furthermore you will receive on your first deposit equal an additional bonus of 50%, so you can get a maximum amount of up to € 198.60 Euro to play for the win.

Play along with polder Casino for this bonus pack and possibly equal the welcome bonus!

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