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Woman from Slovakia wins Major Jackpot

Woman from Slovakia wins Major Jackpot

We the Games Casino website today really have to say something nice. Anna from Slovakia has an age of no less than 67 years but they still managed to win the Mega Moolah video slot Major Jackpot! With this she won a sum of up to € 37,313 euros. When the 67-year-old woman at Royal Panda Casino on this slot was playing she never thought that she is one of the jackpots would win. Now you know that Anna over € 37,000 euros richer, you’re probably curious about the fact how it has managed to win the prize. We put it to you from below!

The wheel in the bonus game

for your chance of winning a jackpot on the Mega Moolah video slot will have to see you go to arrive in the bonus game. When you are taken back to the bonus game you will be allowed to spin the wheel so you can win great bonus prizes, including the jackpot. Anna played with only one bet of € 1.25 euro and could thus enter the bonus game. She gave a twist to the wheel and this was deemed to be the Major Jackpot and earned her the big prize on.

Jackpots Mega Moolah are increasing

Think you now no high prices to win more because Anna Major Jackpot won at Royal Panda Casino? Then you are wrong! In addition to the Major Jackpot, there are loads of other prizes to be won. If you are going to place a bet on the Mega Moolah video slot will make you win one of the four progressive jackpots if you end up in the bonus game. Until the moment that a jackpot falls will increase in this height, this is due to all of the bets places the players. You win the Jackpot Mini? Then you will be able to expect an amount between € 0 and € 200 euros. The Major Jackpot has risen again after Anna this was paid, he is now again at € 10,000 euros! Can you manage to win the Mega Jackpot? Then you have very good luck! You then in fact receive a total of no less than € 7.8 million to your credit!

Welcome Bonus when signing

Would you like to like Anna a bet on the Mega Moolah video slot to see if you also win a jackpot? Then you will obviously have to play for real money, and that means you will have to have their own player account. Not only will your video slot win the Mega Moolah to win a jackpot because you can win plenty of other jackpots whose position at this time on no less than € 28.5 million state. Have you often played at Royal Panda Casino and you will instantly for real money to get started? Then you after you have reported as a new player immediately go places a bet. After signing up as a new player you will receive a wonderful online casino welcome bonus. You will only receive up to 10 free spins that lets you roll the Starburst video slot can run free giving you the chance to win prizes without any money from your credit is held in. Not only will you receive free spins because you will receive a 100% bonus based on your first deposit. For you as a player, this is obviously very beneficial as this you will increase your balance up to € 100 euros.

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