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NetEnt launches new slot

NetEnt launches new slot

Are you often a gamble on the car at the online casino and you can not get enough of the slots from NetEnt? Then we have Play Casinos good news for you! NetEnt developer has planned a new video slot on June 22, 2016. The new video slot will deliver on many prices has added increased due to the additional features Netent. Want to know what you can expect from the Theme Park Tickets of Fortune video slot? Below is the meaning!

Playing with 5 reels and 50 paylines

What playing Theme Park Tickets or Fortune makes it so nice is the fact that everything in the theme is a large amusement park. Developer Netent has all the graphics and sounds completely put the character of this game, and that causes the voltage to rise well while playing. At the Theme Park Tickets of Fortune video slot you will have more chance to make a profit, thanks to the additional functions which are attached to, of course, they are also completely decorated on the theme. When this video slot is going to play, it is intended to achieve gains as much as possible and you do that by turning combinations of similar symbols. Please note that since a combination can only result in a profit when it is complete, and not when it is interrupted by a symbol from a different species. It will also need to be rotated a combination of left to right on contiguous rolls. To know exactly what price you will receive when running a combination you can very easily open the price table by clicking on the orange info button on the left in the game.

Stacked Wild symbols

on the roles of the Theme Park Tickets of Fortune video slot you may encounter a roller coaster as a symbol, good to know is that you have to make a Stacked Wild. This particular symbol will show you one roll on top of each other appear making it possible to fill complete rolls with Wild symbols. The Stacked Wild symbol is a substitute function, but this does not include bonus symbols. Because he can replace all other symbols have you as a player more opportunity for profit. Do you run a combination that is interrupted but you turned a Wild symbol, he will still be completed and you will be provided with a price. It is also possible to combine longer making you achieved a higher profit.

Bonus Awards

With the grab as a symbol you can experience the real fun fair. When you let it appear on the reels there will be a gripper from above go down. At the time the grab a hug lift you will win a bonus prize. Depending on the cuddly toy which gripped by the gripper you will receive your prize and this will be communicated to your screen in this bonus game.

Scatter symbols and a lot of bonuses

To visit to get into the bonus wheel you will have 3 or more Scatter symbols must see to run on the roles of Theme Park Tickets or Fortune. In the bonus wheel you spin three spins that the aim is to collect as many tickets, plus you can also run win even more that you can win even more tickets to the game bonuses. After collecting the tickets you have collected will themselves be able to choose a bonus game on the map of the theme park. You can choose to play a duck shoot out in which multipliers may be obtained, but also you will have the opportunity to catch fish for bonus prizes. These are not all the bonuses that you can get because there are regular bonus symbols present too. These symbols that can display you will be able to turn the wheel on the role of Theme Park Tickets or Fortune for fun bonus prizes!

, play or place bets for real money

we need a little patient before we can play Theme Park Tickets of Fortune video slot but we can tell you already that you can play both free and for real money. If you prefer first free practice rules so you can properly get to grips with and get to know the playing environment without the risk of losing money? Then you will not need their own player account but will play with a virtual play well from € 5000 euros. You can also play for free if you do not have much budget is available and just do not want to play for fun. Of course you also have the opportunity to go for real money play. Good to know is that you do need to have their own player account. You’ll need to be able to deposit money, profits to cash out and in order to receive bonuses.

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