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Card counting in blackjack system with Hi Lo

Card counting in blackjack system with Hi Lo

Not only in roulette, but also in blackjack you can apply strategies. One of the most widely used strategies is to count the cards, these can be used against live as well as the software. If you gamble at a physical casino establishment is really a taboo to count cards, often you will thus have to leave the casino and that is something you do not want. Online this is a good opportunity, so we go from Casino Games you tell everything about how to count cards. Below, we explain it all out so you find out how you can increase your chances of profit with this strategy

 Blackjack card counting

counting Hi Lo system

in order to have the greatest potential for profit and to the easiest of starts counting cards, you can choose the best for Hi Lo system. Many players opt for it and benefit from this. Counting cards you can apply best at a game played with one card deck. Why? You can operate the easiest count and you will have to take into account multiple cards of some sort. We encourage you to play Single Deck Blackjack game.

Start counting cards

You Choose to play Single Deck Blackjack because it is played with one deck and thereby it is most reliable, you can start counting the cards. When you are going to use the Hi Lo system you will see that a distinction is made of three groups. Here, the low-group from the cards 2, 3, 4, 5, and the middle group consisting of the cards 7, 8, 9. The cards 10, J, Q, K, A are in the high group with maps. You should remember and also you should know that you will always start with a base of 0. On the basis of the cards dealt you start counting. Do you have a card from the high group, this counts as -1 and in the low group counts as +1. Important to know is that counting the cards from the middle group as 0 points, it would say that a card of this group will not change anything to the number where you come in.

Please take a card or not?

If you are taking the Hi Lo system, the cards will count and you come out on a plus balance of example 7, there will sit a lot of cards in the deck with low value. Do you have for example a minimum value of -6, then you will just have cards in the deck are of high value. It is thus intended to determine on the basis of the cards you are dealt before or it is convenient for you to take another card or you do not.

Hi Lo system practice for free

you’ve never counted more cards in blackjack and you do not want to go directly apply this strategy for real? Then the online casino offers you the opportunity to practice for free. For this option you will not need a personal player account because you will play with a virtual play well. The advantage of the free exercise is that the game will be played in the same way as when you for real money play, that way you can get the rules down pat and you will be able to properly execute the Hi Lo system so you this will soon can go apply if you play for real money.
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