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Play now at Polder Casino and win finals tickets for the Champions League!

Play now at Polder Casino and win finals tickets for the Champions League!

Are you completely away from football and you like it sometimes to gamble in the Live Casino Casino Polder? Then you are lucky! If you’re going to place a bet in the live casino Polder Casino will make your chance of winning as much as 2 VIP tickets to the final of the Champions League in Milan! How can you win? By participating in the group to be held from April 15th to May 13th. Polder Casino likes to give away prices so therefore will not only tickets can be won but you can win cash prizes. You will already have won a total of no less than € 500 euro once you’ve managed to reach the top 16!

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Do not have an account at Casino Polder but you want to play for real money so you can win these great prizes? Do not panic! You can create your player account very simple and does not cost much time. If you have completed all the steps and your account is created, you will instantly receive a welcome bonus of Polder Casino. The content of this bonus as many as 200 free spins that you will be able to use the Starburst Video Slot. You will also while playing the free spins have a chance to win prizes. Do you think this is the only one? Then you’re wrong. Your first deposit will again be increased by 50%! You as a new player will receive a maximum cash bonus of up to € 198.60 euros!

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Qualify for the top 16

To be able to play in the pool for the VIP tickets and cash prizes, it is important that you yourself first qualify for the top 16. Good to know is that everything revolves around the live casino. Would you classify yourself? Then you will have to play at least 20 rounds of play at a blackjack gaming with a real dealer in the live casino. If you comply with it you can play yourself permanently in the Polder Casino draw ridicule, this can be done by taking place at the roulette table. Important to know is that you must see while playing live roulette and direct profit to pick up the number 28. Did you do this to each other? Then you will instantly be chosen at random so you chance to make the VIP tickets and cash prizes given away.

Live drawing for the draw of the prices

Good to know that there is a live draw will be made for the draw of the prizes, which is also the case with football. There will be chosen by a top 16 Polder Casino by all qualified players to throw a lot. Have you selected the top 16? Then you will receive a cash prize which can rise to € 500 euros. After the top 16 selected multiple rounds of play will be played by these players. From that moment there will be 16, 8, 4, 2 players remain. The two remaining players will have to fight to get out of the round winner. Are you the winner of the game round? Congratulations! You will receive two final tickets! Below we have listed the prices Games Casino breakdown:

• Winner: VIP trip worth € 14,000 euros to the Champions League Final
• Number 2: € 500 euro cash
• Caller 3-4: € 250 euro cash
• number 5-8: € 100 euro cash
• number 9-16: € 50 euros in cash

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